I had met Laura Fial late last year and have traveled the valley to see her perform.  She has a beautiful voice and repertoire of music that is limitless.   Her voice is charismatic, hypnotizing and enticing.  We can listen to her sing for hours on end.  Dori O.

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Inspired by "babs",  (Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, and the great American SONGBOOK). We provide dance, cocktail, jazz, and music to fit and SUIT your budget! Ask me about our THEME SHOWS/EVENTS!  Classically trained vocalist, with national presence and awards, at your next event. live music

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Laura is a phenomenal musical talent. I have enjoyed listening to her vocal renditions for over "20" years.   Laura's musical diversity allows her to sing across a wide range of musical genres.  She is a first class talent, Marcy D. live music



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